The Oyster, Food & Wine Festival Review

This review was delayed and written after the we had recovered from the food poisoning.

I was excited to attend the Oyster, Food and Wine Festival on Saturday because I was curious to see the setup at Monte Casino.

The open space setup at the back of Monte Casino allowed ease to move around between the stalls, stage and seating area in the middle. There were enough wine stalls but not as many I would have appreciated or liked to see, as there were less premium wines.

The food stalls were even more of disappointment because apart from the 3 restaurants, there were more spice and sauce stalls throughout. I understand the main focus being the wine and oysters but the restaurants couldn’t handle traffic during lunchtime.

The oyster stalls were probably the best placed of all but another let down was there wasn’t much care and preparation taken into presentation of how the oysters were offered.

The customer service at a couple of stalls was a let-down to awful at others because even though we showed intention to purchase, we were brushed off like we couldn’t afford the products. This came odd because we had already purchased couple of items really early in our tour.

There is so much room for improvement for this festival because music experience wasn’t communicated properly and it didn’t seem worth to stay and watch artists we didn’t know were performing, perform.

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