Stay In The Moments Review

Stay In The Moments broken down by the restaurants we got to try out before we were too stuffed to continue eating.

First stop was Yomato, a Japanese restaurant has rebranded because it’s been around for over a decade. The owner was very dedicated to customer service and involved with the treatment but it makes wonder if this the same treatment a regular customer would get. The combination and preparation of the sushi and presentation was perfect. We were offered a selection of canapes that were perfect for the occasions. These included a deep fried tuna. We also tried a seared tuna, pork dumplings and a traditional warm drink called sake. There were too many options on the menu though and sometimes, more isn’t always more.

Next stop was Hogshead, which at first view may seem more of a venue for men to kick back, watch sports, drink craft beer all whilst enjoying smoked meat – which is true but the story behind the how your meat is prepared is where the beauty is. The meat prepared similar to the American style of smoked cooking process, a beautiful way to enjoy the true flavours of meat. We got to try the bacon – prepared for 21 days before it gets to your plate and trust us, it was just the right amount of crisp and softness, perfect as a snack while enjoying the delicious cocktail.

Stay In The Moments

Stay In The Moments

The Goodluck Club and 86 Public were a delight as our final stop, the perfect place to be at as a couple, as the setting and food catered perfectly for us. On offer the night was pizza & salads. We trusted the owner’s judgment on what to eat and the food was delicious and fresh. We had gin based cocktails that they make in flavours like basil elderflower and ginger – very refreshing. We ended off with a dessert surprise of a Marie biscuit flavoured milkshake, red velvet and chocolate cupcake.

Each restaurant presented something new and unique but what we would have really enjoyed is if they combined their efforts and created dishes together. The combination would have been really beautiful. There was a show ladies and it was raining men 😉 but the live band wasn’t.

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